Civil Society Organization Implementing Accreditation

Application FormDSWD-SB-GF-002_REV 01_Application form for the accreditation of CSOs

Checklist of Requirements – DSWD-SB-GF-001_REV 01_Implementing CSO Accreditation Document Checklist

Assessment Tool – DSWD-SB-GF-006_REV 01_Assessment Tool for the Accreditation of CSO to Implement DSWD Projects

Other Documentary Requirements:

Civil Society Organization Beneficiary Accreditation

Application FormDSWD-SB-GF-010_REV 01_Application Form for the Accreditation of Civil Society Organization as a Beneficiary of DSWD

Checklist of Requirements:

Assessment Tool – DSWD-SB-GF-015_REV 01_Assessment Tool – Beneficiary CSOs

Other Documentary Requirements:

DSWD-SB-GF-011_REV 01_Beneficiary List of Projects and Programs

DSWD-SB-GF-012_REV 01_Roster List of Officers and Members

DSWD-SB-GF-013_REV 01_Certificate of Good Standing

DSWD-SB-GF-014_REV 01_Certification on Social Preparation

Application FormDSWD-SB-GF-080_REV 01_Application for Authority to Conduct Solicitation/Fund Raising Campaign

Checklist of Requirements:

Assessment Tool: 

Other Documentary Requirements: