The Standards Bureau is responsible for fulfilling the regulatory and quality assurance roles of the DSWD along the development of quality measures in the management of Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) and in the implementation of programs and services for the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized sectors of society.  It shall set standards to regulate the practice of the organizations within the purview of social welfare and development through Registration, Licensing and Accreditation.   It shall advocate, capacitate, monitor its compliance to set standards and enforce the provisions of the law and regulatory guidelines of the Department.


  1. Formulate, develop, and/or revise policies and guidelines pertaining to SWD standards implementation along registration and licensing of SWDAs; accreditation of service providerssocial welfare programs and services of SWDAs and CSOs implementing social welfare and development programs and projects seeking public funds ; and regulation of regional and national fund campaign, endorsement for duty exempt of foreign donations and handling of complaints.
  2. Capacity building and  Advocate the roles and regulatory functions by the Department to general public.
  3. Register agencies engaged in SWD programs and services ,
  4. License private SWDAs  operating in more than one region.
  5. Accredit SWD programs and services of SWAs and services providers.
  6. Accredit CSOs that would implement SWD programs and projects using public funds.
  7. Assess and endorse National Fund Raising Campaigns (NFRC) applications both for regular and during state of calamity;
  8. Facilitate the endorsement of duty-exempt of foreign donations of qualified SWDAs.
  9. Manage complaints against erring SWDAs and accredited service providers and individuals/organizations that are allegedly  violating DSWD’s regulatory guidelines and related laws.
  10. Monitor the SWDA’s compliance to set standards & requirements.
  11. Provide technical assistance and resource augmentation to FOs and intermediaries to ensure sustainability of quality service delivery.
  12. Manage information and maintain database of registered  and licensed SWDAs, accredited service providers, programs and services of SWDAs,  CSOs, individuals/organizations and SWDAs with complaints, and other relevant information to standards development, compliance, and monitoring.


  • Standards Development
  • Compliance monitoring of SWDAs and provision of technical assistance
  • Advocacy and Enforcement of regulatory services
  • Technical Assistance to FOs and SWDAs 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of FOs’ implementation of regulatory services
  • Registration and Licensing of private SWDAs
  • Accreditation of SWAs programs and services
  • Accreditation of Service Providers
  • Accreditation of CSOs that would implement SWD programs and projects using public funds
  • Regulation of National Fund Drives
  • Facilitation of endorsement for Duty-exempt of Foreign Donations to SWDAs